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Kurokawa Onsen “YUNON” is a store specializing in Jersey milk and local products.

We have a selection of items that are only available here and can only be found in our store.
A specialty store specializing in Kumamoto-Oguni-go- where you can see the face of the person who made it.
Please drop in.

Souvenir ranking



Jersey milk Karinto

¥ 430 (tax included) -


Milk beans

¥ 430 (tax included) -


Kumamoto soy sauce

¥ 430 (tax included) -


Oguni Jersey milk cookies "Karin"

¥ 260 (tax included) -


Twenty-Four happy tea(400g)

¥1,200 (tax included) -

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on-line shop

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Popular online YUNON products using delicious local products from Kumamoto Aso are also available online. Please purchase by all means.

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National hot spring resort Kumamoto and Aso no Yu no Sato
 Delivered from“Kurokawa hot spring”


Kurokawa hot spring "YUNON"

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Kurokawa Onsen is a small hot spring town in the mountains of the Aso region. Kurokawa Onsen is a healing place where you can feel the real nature and feel free from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Kurokawa Onsen is a hot spring town where hot spring inns are concentrated along the Tanohara River, the most upstream of the Chikugo River. The accommodation fee is in the 10,000 yen range and is popular among group customers as well as female customers and repeaters. Even if you walk slowly, you can make one lap in a small hour. Although it is a hot spring town in the back of the mountains surrounded by miscellaneous forests, the annual number of guests is about 400,000, and if you include one-day visitors, it is over 1 million.

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Each ryokan has its own spring source, the quality of the springs is different, and all the inns have an open-air bath. If you have a hot spring bill, you can freely visit the open-air bath. The nature that comes in contact with the outdoor bath makes you feel the beautiful Japanese hometown throughout the seasons. The main attraction of Kurokawa Onsen is the creation of a landscape centered on an open-air bath, a hot spring bill, and tree planting.

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Jersey cows are smaller redhead cows than Holstein, well known as dairy cows.
It is a rare milk because it is small and has little milk, but it has a rich and natural sweetness that stands out.
Oguni Town (Oguni Town, Minami Oguni Town) is the second largest production area in the country.
Furthermore, we have established a high standard only for Oguni-go, and only those that have cleared it are shipped as “Oguni Jersey Milk”.

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Our shop is located in the center of Kurokawa Onsen, one of the best hot springs in Japan.
In 2015, it was renewed as a specialty store that handles local products such as small country jersey milk, a specialty of the region.
We sell sweets made with jersey milk, local soy sauce and woodwork in our original package and label.
Many products available only here.
Please take a look once.